Advanced Clinical Skincare is your escape from stress!

About Us

Is your skin dry or breaking out? Is it time for waxing? Check yourself in for some total rejuvenation with us. Our friendly, experienced staff will give you the treatment you deserve from the minute you walk in the door.


Micro Peel: Micro peels are an important adjunct to skin care. Micro peels maximize and expedite the results that can be achieved through skin care. Micro peels are the lightest of all chemical peels. They will smooth and soften your skin, brighten your complexion, minimize pore size, and reduce discoloration. Some note an improvement in fine wrinkles. $125 per 30-45 session. Recommended once per month.

Photolight Rejuvenation:  Infrared light stimulates collagen and elastin while lightening hyperpigmented skin. After one session, a noticeable difference is visible without any downtime.$100 and up

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a skin-care technique that uses tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. $115 and up

Dermaplaning is a technique where the outer layers of skin are exfoliated with the use of a blade.$55 and up

Galvanic High Frequency Facial Treatment:
High frequency has been shown to increase circulation in the skin. $100 and up

Bikini Wax $40 and up

Brazilian Wax $85 and up

Eyebrow Wax $22 and up

Lip Wax $22 and up

Acne Clarifying Facial $35 and Up

Rejuvenating $65 and Up

Ultrahydrating $65 and up

Your Experience

Take a few hours – or even a whole day – to refresh yourself, recover, and rejuvenate at our beautiful facility.  We are located in beautiful shopping district  in Montgomery!


" I have struggled with my skin for years. Now that I am in my 50's, I am not only fighting aging, but adult acne. I started going to Anya and my skin has NEVER looked better. Just today, for the first time ever, someone commented on how great my skin looks! In my opinion, there is no better skin specialist in Cincinnati. " - Sarah H. - Hyde Park

" Advanced Clinical Skincare is the best skin care specialist in this area. Since Anya began treating my skin, my pores are smaller and my skin is tighter. Friends are always complimenting me. I hardly wear any make-up now that my skin tone is even. i highly recommend seeing Anya to start you on the path of looking your best."  - Angela B. - Madeira

  "ACS is fantastic! I went to them for Dermaplaning and they were extremely thorough but gentle :) I will be going to them for all my future peels and dermaplaning. I highly recommend seeing Anya." - Christa K - Montgomery

9563 Montgomery, Cincinnati, OH 45242| (513) 259-4423

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